Our soccer curriculum focuses on ample technical training, individualized training programs, blended learning and South American training trips.



South American and European soccer players are better than US players because they spend more time technical training. US club academy players typically train with their club 25-35 hours a month. Our program will facilitate players to train 60-75 hours a month, comparable to international clubs. This figure is also comparable to students at leading music conservatories or ballet. Players will get better faster by training with 150% more time. They need 10,000 hours of training to become experts.

We have no intention of becoming a club team. We will focus on supplemental technical training in the mornings while students play with their club teams in the afternoons and weekends.   We plan on using blended learning (online/offline) to help players learn concepts prior to the training. Finally, we have 2-3 week trips to Uruguay and elsewhere so our players can train with the best youth players in the world. Teachers will travel with the players to continue studies.

We have designed a player-centered curriculum with the following goals:

• Primary focus on technical training with metrics

• Individualized Development Plan for each player with biweekly one-on-one coach meetings

• Innovative coaching curriculum using blended learning technology and tracking

• International training with the world's best youth players


Technical Training Focus- The technical training sessions will allow for more time on individual ball technique - first touches, dribbling, passing and shooting - which are the fundamental building blocks to player success. Ball control will dramatically increase confidence, 1v1 ability, awareness and functionality within the team.

Individualized Development Plan - Player and coach will agree on an individualized development plan. Players will advance at their own pace and focus on their shortcomings without getting lost in the team shuffle. The plan will also include cardio fitness training, core building, strength and flexibility through yoga. Our training will include the mental side of the game, including developing grit and collaboration like in the academic curriculum.  

Innovative Coaching Curriculum - We are developing a blended learning curriculum in soccer, the first of its kind. Concepts and content will be presented in online video with examples. This knowledge transfer before the training session allows maximum interaction time between coach and player. The coach can troubleshoot and customize help rather than spend time introducing concepts. In time, player progress can be tracked on a tablet or smartphone for later review in player-coach meetings. Players will be encouraged to be creative with their play - back heels, rainbows, dummies and nutmegs - as seen in South American soccer. Like the academic curriculum, we want players to creatively ask "What if?" and experiment in a playful environment without consequence during training.

International Training - Players will train with top South American youth teams during 2-3 week soccer-study trips. The South American way has created world class players including Pele, Maradona, Zico, Fat Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez and Godin. These experiences will be invaluable for players to understand the possibilities. No doubt, these exchanges will start the life-long relationships. Visiting international guest coaches will lead training so players can develop context to different training approaches and drills.