Accelerator School/3four3 Player Camp - 2018 

the essentials

Camp Dates:     Session #1 Monday, July 2 to Saturday, July 7       (6 days)

        Session #2 Monday, July 9 to Saturday, July 14     (6 days)

Camp Times:    8:30 AM to Noon for Training (except for the World Cup Semifinal days where we will start at 10:00 AM)

Personal Training Sessions: Will be integrated into the schedule after registration. Additional sessions can be purchased separately. 

World Cup Game Viewing Dates and Times:

  • Round of 16:     Monday, July 2 and Tuesday, July 3 at 2:00 PM
  • Quarter Finals:   Friday, July 6 and Saturday, July 7 at 2:00 PM
  • Semifinals:         Tuesday, July 10 and Wednesday, July 11 at 2:00 PM

Target Ages:       2004 to 2007 however players will be grouped by ability under the coaches' sole discretion

Location:           Seymour Athletic Fields in Apex, North Carolina (suburb of Raleigh)

Cost:                  $425/player/session


who is it for?

We are offering an option for those that are serious. Our camp is designed for players who want to learn and understand how players train and play the game at a deeper level. We want all who participate to be able to perform at the edge of their abilities. If a player is not going to provide maximum effort, this camp is not for you.


why this camp?

My name is Terry Ransbury and I am a Director of the Accelerator School. I am also a 3four3 Coaching Program subscriber and a soccer parent. Here below is the rationale as to why I think you might choose this camp over many camp options.

Part 1: As a parent of two players, I have observed many soccer camps over the years and have generally been underwhelmed for several reasons. 1) The player talent is average at best. 2) The intensity is low and attributable to the long hours and hot summer weather. 3) The camps all seemed overly focused on technical training and lacking in teaching the tactical aspects of the game. 4) Very little feedback was given to individual players.

Part 2: In the meantime, I became an avid follower and a Coaching Program subscriber to the 3four3 group in Southern California. I have become friends with Gary Kleiban and John Pranjic, and have even appeared on John's widely-respected podcast regarding our school. My youngest son, Calvin, twice attended their 3four3 summer camps, traveling from the East Coast to Los Angeles. What I witnessed in their camp completely changed my opinion about what a proper camp should be.

Some things they did differently were simple: qualifying the players to ensure a high talent level, 3-hour/day sessions, whiteboard instruction before the drills, stopping the activities to explain why in real time, and video homework each night. The technical aspects were cleverly blended into the tactical sessions, except for their signature Rondos performed with intensity that I had never seen, or heard (pop, pop, pop!). However, most differentiating were the tactical drills that dominated the agenda: strategies for playing out of the back, the transition third, the attacking third, losing your man, choreographed throw-ins, and set pieces. I rarely see these tactical aspects in other camps and hardly ever see more than one of these components in club training. By the end of the week, the scrimmages looked  better than most club teams with respect to possession-based, purposeful soccer.

Part 3: As a colleague of John Kerr at the Accelerator School, I have had the good-fortune of traveling to many of the finest football destinations on the planet including Spain, Scotland, Uruguay, and Argentina. In each of these countries, I have found that the two greatest differences in the game, compared to the US, are the intensity of the training, and the ability to finish. Every drill there seems to be executed at full-speed and most of them involve shooting on goal. It was in Argentina where I noticed this most. There I also met Mariano Abeleira and witnessed his high-intensity, small group training. On our last Accelerator School visit, he conducted the morning sessions and I have asked him to replicate that training, complete with Argentinian intensity, here at the camp. He has agreed to that and has insisted that each of our players in the camp receive a one-on-one training session.

Part 4: By holding the camp in early July, we will deliberately coincide with the spectacle of the World Cup. As part of the camp, we will meet at a nearby, family friendly sports bar not only to watch key games, but to learn from having our coaches provide real-time commentary about what is happening, and why. 

Putting it all together: We have completed the logistical arrangements and now we need your talented players for us to execute to the best of our abilities. By the nature of the curriculum, we need a lot of field space and therefore player numbers must be limited. Many of you will receive a personal invitation from me because I have seen your child play at a high level. Do not wait. If you believe in the above principals, please sign up today.


What you can Expect

Our player camp is designed to deliver the complete soccer package, with game-specific technique embedded in our tactical work. We will be educating the players on how to actually train and play soccer. The camp is architected by John Pranjic and Argentinian coach Mariano Abeleira. They have designed the curriculum and have hand selected the coaching staff.


coaches currently lined up to execute:

John Pranjic from 3four3

John has been coaching on California’s Central Coast for 12 years. He is a key member of 3four3 and an advocate of a possession-based game. He has produced video and podcast evidence of his work both from internally generated subject matter as well as from observing the National Team and other high-level teams in the Los Angeles area. John has traveled to Barcelona to study at La Masia and other Spanish clubs, and has dedicated his life to soccer.

He currently organizes and executes 3four3’s Coaching Summits, summer and winter player camps, and is the host of the 3four3 podcast.

Ian Lane from 3four3

Ian Lane played his club soccer in Southern California with Cherif Soccer Academy, where the team’s achievements include a State Cup Championship in 2008. He was the starting goalkeeper for the Righetti Warriors for 2 seasons, winning back to back Pac-7 titles. He was named Defensive MVP in 2010. 

His coaching career began at his alma mater, where he became the JV head coach from 2011 to 2013. After that he began coaching club soccer in San Luis Obispo, leading the formation of brand new teams in the 2006 and 2007 age groups. In 2017, Ian joined the San Jose Earthquakes soccer coaching staff. He is currently a head coach at the U11 and U12 levels.

Mariano Abeleira from Argentina

Mariano played 5 years as a professional including two years in the Spanish 3rd Division and 3three years in the Gibraltar 1st Division. 

He previously coached three years at the U12 level in Gibraltar’s 1st Division, has completed his International Coaching Course in Argentina with two Coaching Certificates. He is currently coaching in Tigre, Argentina and holds a UEFA C license.


reserve your spot now

We are keeping the camp small. Tactical teaching requires a lot of field space. We also want to have a proper coach-to-player ratio and to ensure that what we deliver is awesome.

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Over the past 10 years, I have sent my two sons to many soccer camps. I have found the 3four3 teaching material and methodology to be unique and best-in-class. Combine this with the intensity of Argentinian football coaching and I guarantee your player will improve significantly.
— Terry Ransbury, Director of the Accelerator School

if you are not local

After completing our registration process, please hold off on making travel plans util we personally reach out to confirm your player has been accepted into the camp.


About the 3four3 soccer Curriculum

  • Founded in 2009 by Gary and Brian Kleiban
  • Their mission is to execute and teach global soccer standards of excellence in the United States.
  • Born to Argentine parents, football has been in their blood from birth.
  • Brian has been coaching for 14 years and is currently the U19 academy coach for LA Galaxy.
  • Gary creates the online and offline coaching platforms.
  • John Pranjic evangelizes the curriculum through website material and the 3four3 podcasts