Serious soccer training for passionate players: Less sightseeing and more soccer. Open to Non-Accelerator School Players.

Imagine training with South American Pro Academy coaches and actually practicing with age-and-skill appropriate local players. Campers can see how they stack up against South America's best youth which has produced greats like Messi, Maradona, Suarez and Sosa. Campers meet legends and practice on the fields where the greats learned their trade. Campers also learn Spanish, politics, history as well as 21st century skills such as graphic design, web development and video production. Less sightseeing and more soccer and school.

2017-8 Schedule

Thanksgiving 11/17-11/26 Montevideo, Uruguay

Spring Break 3/29-4/8 Rosario, Argentina

Summer 6/25-8/10 Buenos Aires & Rosario, Argentina

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Trip locations include:

Buenos Aires, Argentina     Rosario, Argentina

Montevideo, Uruguay


·      Meet and Greet Transfers (In and Out)

·      Orientation Meeting

·      Transportation to Activities

·      1X Nights lodging in a Hotel in each Destination

·      1X Full Board Throughout the Stay: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner (Parents - Lunch or Dinner)

·      1X Personalized Training Sessions with South American Coaches

·      1X Training Sessions joining South America Teams (Same Age Group)

·      1X Spanish Classes: Each day Monday to Friday

·      City Tour

·      Professional Matches

·      Supervision throughout with Accelerator School Staff

·      Full Medical Insurance

·      Extra Activities for Parents


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