Enable your child to compete at the highest levels of soccer and prepare for the world economy. The day school offers South American soccer training, a 21st Century blended learning environment and international travel study in South America and China. Each student will have an individualized development plan with a blend of master teachers, personalized technology and cutting edge curriculum.




We are partnered with the Uruguayan Soccer Federation to use their soccer development curriculum which have created world class players despite their country's small size. The technique and tactics are available on their Chromebook so students are ready to practice on the game field.  Coaches and players review individualized development program metrics weekly. Students will  compete at the best US tournaments while training/playing games with international teams on 3 week study-and-soccer trips.

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Each student has an individualized development program based on a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) curriculum. Students learn on a cloud-based curriculum where master teachers are able to pinpoint stumbling blocks and resolve through interactive sessions. The program includes street-smart entrepreneurship and 21st century media.  Students' language and cultural skills will blossom with fellow international students and 3 week study-and-soccer trips. Students will participate in international service projects to fully develop a global fluency and prepare for adulthood. 

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