Enable your daughter or son to be the best version of themselves academically and soccer wise.  Prepare for the college of their choice. The day school offers high quality technical training, a 21st Century small classroom environment and international travel study. Each student has an individualized development plan with a blend of master teachers and personalized curriculum. The program offers the right balance for students to pursue their soccer dreams, obtain a high quality education and maintain a strong family life.

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Each student has an individualized development program based on a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum. In small group classrooms, students learn on a blended-learning curriculum where master teachers resolve stumbling blocks and design interactive group projects. The program includes street-smart entrepreneurship and online media.  Students' language and cultural skills will blossom with 2 week teacher-led study-and-soccer trips. Students will participate in international service projects to fully develop a global fluency and prepare for adulthood. 

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The main training focus is on technical, agility and finishing skills. Designed to complement club soccer training, the student's goal is soley on development. Most club training has limited time to work on these essential skills given the need for team tactics and the pressure to win. We are collaborating with South American youth soccer clubs to use their soccer development curriculum which have created world class players despite their modest population. Coaches and players review individualized development program. Students will train with international teams on 2 week study-and-soccer trips.

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why start a school?

Three families- Kerr, Mumford and Ransbury - have joined together to start a school to address the facts:

1. US youth soccer players do not get the 10,000 hours needed to become elite players.

2. Most children dread going to a traditional school setting.

3. Family time is often compromised with elite soccer training and a traditional school schedule.

4. There can be more affordable option than comparables like IMG Academy ($85k annually) and YSC Academy ($35K annually).

After speaking with a large number of parents, coaches and stakeholders, the families have an answer to finding a balance between soccer, academics and family that work for them. As a result, our middle-school aged children will be attending the school.

The educational experience can be improved dramatically given recent changes in education, technology and changing workplace needs. The middle school plans to enroll 20 students in the first year and grow to a maximum of 150 so students can have personalized learning experiences with high quality interactions with Master teachers, tutors and subject matter experts. The tuition - comparable to local private schools- is invested in great teaching, learning space and curriculum.

The soccer training is a balance between technical training, soccer classroom training, agility, flexibility and injury prevention. It is estimated that students will get 400 more hours of soccer training annually, or ~3,000 hours over 7 years of middle school and high school. This difference will likely make our students the best player they can be while participating in a first rate education.

The school is specifically designed for families who believe that kids need considerably more soccer training time and see huge potential opportunities of improvement in education given a small size, personalized learning environment while minimizing family time compromises.